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Looking Back at 2014-15
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Nov. 2014 -- NaplesYC Off Shore Regatta

First Race on Vee Jay in Naples was 20nm Naples YC Offshore:
Vic, Brian, Steve, Randy, TK driving at the finish.

Using #1150 sails on Vee Jay J/80, Newport, RI
In Disguise
Vee Jay as #1150

Naples Beach 2014, Vee Jay J/80, Newport, RI
Cruising Along Naples Beach

GPS Training
Can we go faster?

TK working on Vee Jay J/80, Newport, RI
Setting Up
This J/80 was dry sailed out of Ft. Adams in its prior life, so we had to add a few cleats for its new mooring life in Newport, and slip life in Naples Fl.

Road Trip: 1500 miles South: I95, I4, I75
Vee Jay J/80 hauled at Pirate Cove 2014

End of Newport Season,
Vee Jay Packed up at Pirate Cove

with Brandon and Dave. Sept, 2014

Captain Vic moves from a J/22 to J/80 in Newport, RI
     Summer, 2014 -- It all started out, summer 2013, when Captain Vic thought that a seasonal pass on a brand new J/22 at Sail Newport Sailing Center would be the best sailing option in Newport.

     But the J/22 was way too small, cramped and uncomfortable for an easy spin program with seniors and kids. And the "allowed cruising range" at Sail Newport just didn't match the need to spin off Beavertail using Cap'n Vic's 30-year-old Program A spin routine.

     So Easter Week 2014, a J/80 [2008 -- Portsmouth Princess] popped up for sale at Ft. Adams; and in a couple of days, managed to find its way to the driveway at Cap'n Vic's crew quarters on the "Hill."

     Here is the start on the ongoing saga of Vee Jay ... the J/80. This is the 3rd Vee Jay; the first two Vee Jays were J/30s ... over 30 years worth.

Random Episodes

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Late July -- Vee Jay Crew tries out Neighboring Boat

Weekend on the Schooner Mystic for VideoGhosts.com
More from Vee Jay's VideoGhosts Crew:
Mystic Engine Video
Mystic Kid Power

Early August, Double Program A with 180 wind shift under spin.

Schooner Mystic and Vee Jay ... Neighbors

Schooner Mystic and J/80 Vee Jay Newport RI 2014
Schooner Mystic Photo by Taylor Hinote

Vee Jay J/80 launch day Newport 2014

Mid July -- first Program A on Vee Jay J/80

with Coach Bill, Lisa, TK, Forrest and Vic

Commissioning June, 2014

Vee Jay J/80 Newport RI 2014
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